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Estate Planning

Estate planning involves long-term plans for the protection of your personal and business assets that reflect your unique financial situations and opportunities through the use of wills, trusts, charitable gifting, and more. 

Business Planning

Business Planning involves a number of different aspects when forming or running your business through the formation of an entity, drafting of purchase agreements, tax sheltering, and more. 

Elder Law

Elder Law involves assisting families with long-term care planning and asset preservation. Complex issues of dementia, long term care, and Medicaid are important to navigate with a qualified attorney.



Hochstein Strategic Legal Planning was started with the idea of starting a company that offers clients and businesses a one-stop-shop for legal advice, estate planning services, business planning and elder law services. This includes elder law, probate, guardianship's, trust planning, asset preservation, long-term care planning.

There are a number of strategies to help protect your business and personal assets through the use of wills, powers of attorneys, living trusts, purchase agreements, succession planning, tax sheltering, and much more. Working with our firm will allow you the opportunity to choose and implement the strategies that best suit your needs and can help you achieve your goals. We create legal solutions which allow clients to protect their current wealth and minimize the estate tax consequences upon their death.


Additionally, we assist with long-term care planning, asset preservation, guardianship proceedings, Medicaid assistance, and other legal issues that may arise with long term care or dementia. Furthermore, we also address concerns about future care should our client become incapacitated.


Please call 402-682-8975 or email to schedule a complimentary appointment today.

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